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Scala | Akka | Functional Programming | Distributed Systems

with signed & verified git commits

Git supports signing commits with a private key and GitHub (& many other git servers) supports verifying those commits with a public key.

Verified commits on Github
Verified commits on Github

Signed and verified commits are marked as “Verified” by GitHub. This provides a level of verification for the commit.

Why sign the commits?

When creating a new commit, I can simply…

A quick guide to get started with akka actors with scala for beginners

Akka with Scala

This is second post in a series of “Actors using Scala & Akka”. In Part 1, we saw how to

  1. Create new scala project and run it
  2. Create new actor system
  3. Create new behaviour to handle messages and modify state
  4. Spawn a new system actor using given behaviour
  5. Send messages…

A quick guide to get started with akka actors with scala for beginners

Akka with scala

Since I am stuck at home due to Covid-19 pandemic. With nothing else to do, I thought the best use of time would be to continue my blog series about actors. In the last article, we saw what are actors, their properties and how these properties can be useful for…


The actor model of computing was introduced by Carl Hewitt in 1973. This model makes it easy to tackle the problem of concurrency and state management. The model treats an “actor” as a primitive unit of computing.

One of the features of .NET core 3 is “local tools”. While global tools have been a part for .net core since version 2.1, .net core 3 brings local tools. Local tools are exactly like global tools except they are tied to a specific directory unlike global tools which are…

Creating API

Web today has come a long way from being static web pages. Web experience today feels much more interactive, immersive with rich graphics and animations. However, real-time web applications are still not mainstream yet. …

Have you ever met a developer who never believes that his/her code is “not the best”. Makes it difficult to work with, isn’t it. Ever thought why does s/he feels that way though? It’s simple. Because s/he loves his/her code. And what happens when you love your code? You can’t…

I am obsessed with reusability of code. As a result of that, I am always refactoring code. What do you do when you find a piece of code that you think could be reused? Well, I publish it online on repositories like nuget. Think about it. …

Bilal Fazlani

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